Five Things You Should Know About Pegging

Pegging – maybe you’ve heard of it but don’t know what it means, maybe you’ve tried it, maybe this is the first time you’ve come across the word in a sexual context. Whatever your experience with the word is, we’ve done the research and are here to tell you some things about the subject that you might not know.


“Get the basics right – you don’t want to get caught in an awkward situation”

1. Let’s get the basics out of the way. You’ve probably heard of the series “Bend Over Boyfriend”. Those are all about pegging: a woman puts on a strap-on dildo and screws a guy. Some people find it really appealing, if reviews of the series and what we found on dating sites are anything to go by. We’re obviously including men here, since we’re pretty sure very few guys would willingly take it if they weren’t into the idea. From what we can tell, the series sells incredibly well, especially considering the subject matter. It’s kind of a niche market, you know? So that alone says a ton of people have at least considered the idea. You might even be one of them.


“If you enjoy it then go for it”

2. According to our research, including reviews we found on sex sites, dating sites, and Dan Savage, the reason pegging is so popular is because of the fact that anal sex is designed to be pleasurable. That kind of blew our minds. It’s not the kind of thing most of us would think would feel good—although it’s got to, considering how many gay guys get it on like that. We’d cite porn actresses who seem to like it, but they’re paid to pretend, so it doesn’t count, and none of you know our girlfriends to verify we’re telling the truth. If anything, we’d think anal would feel kind of like taking a dump, but in reverse. This apparently isn’t the case. The anus is apparently an erogenous zone, so when you’re getting hot and heavy, it starts perceiving touch differently if you’re ready for it. For dudes, there’s also the prostate to consider. The prostate is basically an erogenous zone of its own, and it’s barely ever directly stimulated—it’s not like that’s what the doctor’s trying to do during prostate checks. We’ve read the argument that dudes are designed to take it anally because of where the prostate is and how sensitive it is. The only way it gets stimulated is to put something up there, and that leads us back to pegging.


“Use lubricants – it’s important”

3. The anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication, obviously, and you don’t want to go things dry. That leads to unfortunate words like “fissures”. A good lubricant will solve that problem for you. Water-based lubes are best, since oil-based ones, including things like Vaseline, don’t play nice with latex. Latex is what most condoms and a lot of dildos are made of. Oil-based lubes and gels weaken latex and can cause breaking and tearing, which is a really bad idea when you need to practice good hygiene. You’re not exactly likely to catch an STD from pegging, but you do need to be able to thoroughly clean the toy involved. Silicone lube doesn’t play nice with silicone sex toys (it can cause the same issues as oil-based lubes do for latex toys). With water-based lube, you don’t have to worry about those effects or remember which dildo is made of which material. It does dry out and get sticky, so you’ll need to keep reapplying it as you go. Doctor visits have also taught us that it’s unpleasant to get cold lube applied there, so ask your lady to be nice and warm it a little when she starts to finger you. (You can try keeping the dildo itself in some warm water until just before getting things going, if you want; that helps with the cold lube issue when you’ve moved on from stretching. Just make sure it’s thoroughly dry before applying the lube to it.) Actual warming or tingling lubes aren’t a good idea; the chemicals in them can irritate anal tissue, and just those three words together make us want to cringe. We can’t imagine what it would be like to deal with. Unless you’re seriously into the idea of finding out, skip them.


“Start with something small”

4. Start small. You don’t want to go with a dildo two inches across your first time without any prep work first. Or maybe you do, but have fun with your anal fissures, and don’t tell us about them. To get going, one of you is going to have to finger you. This can involve gloves; in fact, we highly recommend it. According to various comments and reviews off of dating and sex sites, people find that it’s more fun if you’re making out while this happens. Make it part of your foreplay, in other words, instead of some weird, “Wait, we need to finger my ass right now,” detour. Make sure her nails are clipped and filed, unless you like the idea of a tear in that area. (We’re having entirely new views on those girl-on-girl porn’s where one has three-inch nails and is fingering the other, and it’s killing the hard-on we should be getting remembering that porno.) Like we said, gloves are an option, or she could roll a condom over her fingers. However she decides to do it, she should start with one finger. This is where we found varying information. Some people said just one finger, moved in a widening circle, was enough; other people suggested two or even three fingers. We figure you can go with what feels right. When you’re picking out the actual dildo, go with a small one, like, five inches long and an inch around, max. Sex and dating site reviews of various dildos pretty much find that’s the biggest most guys are comfortable with the first time.

It’s sex. If you don’t like it, stop and don’t do it again. If you just like the way your girlfriend looks in the strap-on, well, you’ve found a new kink. Congratulations! If you do like it, then keep doing it. Keep in mind that no one is going to bust down your door for trying it. No one is going to know if you chicken out when you start to try it, and not many people are going to care if you never go beyond reading this article. Talk it over with your girlfriend if you are interested. If she’s not, then don’t push it. If she brought it up, then you know something new about your girlfriend. If she brought it up because you were trying to get her to let you have anal with her, then you kind of walked into it, sorry to say, and you now have to decide if it’s worth it to you to go through with it. Our advice, regardless, is to try out fingering before dumping the cash on a strap-on and harness. Man, those can get expensive. If fingering doesn’t do it for you, we’re pretty sure pegging is not exactly going to be one of your top sex-related memories.

Hide everything before your parents come over for dinner unless you’re exceptionally open with them. Lastly, we advise you to keep in mind the importance of choosing a partner from a sex dating site. Read the reviews first, for example, read benaughty review here: and learn more about scam before choosing it.

Android VS MS Surface VS iPad: What Makes Them Different?

In this digital era, it is normal for new gadgets to be launched now and then. Some of these devices are the MS Surface and iPad 4. Of course, you can’t ignore the numerous Android tablets from different manufacturers all over the world. Before you choose a tablet to buy, you have to take a look first at the differences between the three.


The MS Surface is a 10.6 inch vapour-deposited magnesium frame covered in matte dark titanium-colored finish, making it perfect for people who travel a lot. It also has a flip-out stand that allows the tablet to stand on its own. It has a microSD card slot, USB port, and an HD video port that connects to either VGA or HDMI.

The MS Surface is as thick and light as the iPad. However, the iPad still has the best design of all the tablets available on the market. It has a simple layout with tapered edges that fit perfectly to a user’s hands.

Android tablets are also beautiful, but they don’t look the same. Designs vary based on the manufacturer. They also have different sizes and weight.


The Surface has a larger display than the iPad, but the pixel resolution can’t compare to the latter. Some Android tablets also have larger displays than the iPad. Still the iPad wins this category.

Surface has a larger display

Surface has a larger display


The MS Surface has speakers on both sides. However, even if it’s already in full volume, the sound is still too low. The iPad, on the other hand, only has one speaker yet the sound is easy to hear when the volume is turned up. Android tablets are designed differently and there’s no standard location for the speakers. Some of these tablets have better audio than others and it pays to check the device’s audio capability first before purchasing it.


MS Surface comes with Windows RT. There are lesser apps available for the MS Surface than for the iPad. Android is also not far behind. It has a lot of apps available for users. Also, Android users are given freedom to customize their devices; something that’s not possible with the iPad. When it comes to multitasking, the MS Surface and Android are better options than the iPad.

These three devices are great options for anyone. Then again, there’s always one that suits your needs perfectly. Before you decide to get a device, be sure to check each of them closely. Look at the specs, features, and price. You can also read reviews to know if customers were happy with their gizmos. These devices are pretty expensive, so you have to make the right choice. Spend some time to make comparisons. This way, you’ll end up with the perfect tablet for your needs. 

Perfect tablet for your needs

Perfect tablet for your needs

10 Tips For Striking Up A Conversation In A Bar

Never again get caught at the bar unsure of what to say the next time you see someone you just can’t wait to get to know better! Here are ten simple steps that will help you strike up that conversation:

1. Introduce yourself. Just smiling saying, “Hi, my name is… What’s yours?” is an effective way to get someone to open up and get the conversation ball rolling.

2. Crack a joke or tease them playfully. This shows that you are a confident person that knows how to have fun. Comment on an unusual piece of clothing. For example, if someone shows up wearing cowboy boots, you could ask them if they wrangle horses for a living.

3. Be direct. If you see someone eyeing you from across the room, go up to them and acknowledge the fact. Let them know that you are just as interested. Confidence is sexy.

4. Comment on things that are around you. If they are holding a drink, ask them what kind it is. You can also point out unusual decorations or interesting people.

5. Ask them for some advice. People love to share their opinions and love being listened to. You can even be a bit playful. Ask them if they think a particular item of clothing looks good on you.

6. Compliment them. This shows that you are interested in them. People generally respond well to being noticed and complimented for their appearance. This will go a long way in getting them to open up and talk to you.

7. Make eye contact. Not every conversation has to start with words coming out of your mouth. Making eye contact for a few moments will help you to gauge their level of interest in you before having to go up to talk to them. Make sure not to stare; you do not want to give off the impression that you are a stalker. Just hold eye contact with them for a few seconds, smile, then look away. Wait a few moments, and then do this process again. After the third attempt, go up to talk to them if they still show signs of interest.

8. Ask them to dance. Nightclubs are particularly noisy, making it difficult for conversations anyway. After dancing to a few songs, ask them if they would like to go somewhere to get a drink or go somewhere quieter to chat.



9. Use the power of observation. Look for any similarities that you might share. Using the information you glean will help you to get the conversation started. For example, if a woman has a fashion magazine in front of her, you could comment on how hard it can be to keep yourself looking good.

Most people are happy

Most people are happy

10. Say the first thing that pops into your head.

People naturally censor themselves because they are worried about the negative reactions they may receive from saying the wrong thing. Most of the time, these are false beliefs we carry around in our head and have no basis in reality. Most people are happy that someone has enough confidence to walk up to them and start a conversation.

5 Organic Food Myths You Should Know

When we talk about healthy living, organic foods usually come into mind. However, there are a lot of myths that surround these foods. A lot of people don’t know whether the organic information we know is fact or fiction. Let’s take a look at 5 organic food myths.

1. It’s just a gimmick done by marketing people

It’s not a gimmick. The USDA has industry standards that manufacturers need to follow. Organic foods won’t be approved by the USDA if they don’t stick to these guidelines. Only natural fertilizers should be used when growing them. The reduction of pests should be done through traps and mating disruptions.

2. It’s more expensive than conventional foods

It greatly depends on where you’ll buy it. If you go to a farmer’s market, expect to pay lesser. They’re more expensive when they’re sold in groceries and imported to the country. So if you’re interested in organic foods, check out different stores before you buy them.

3. Nutritional content is similar with conventional food

Organic foods prohibit the use of chemicals while conventional foods have residue from chemicals used while growing it. Growth enhancers may also be used in conventional farming while they’re restricted in organic farming. The use of growth enhancers is directly related to the increasing E. coli found in beef. This means that organic food is more nutritious than conventional food.

4. It helps you lose weight

Although organic food is healthier for you, you can still gain weight from eating it. Calories are pretty much the same regardless of how it was made. Even the nutrients that conventional and organic foods have are very similar. The main difference is that the latter is produced with little to even no chemicals used.

Organic food is healthier for you

Organic food is healthier for you

5. It doesn’t taste good

Some people think that organic foods are not as delicious as conventional foods. The truth is it’s just as good as conventional ones. This is shown by a lot of surveys. Even the nutrients that both foods have are very similar. One reason why people like organic foods is that they tend to be riper.

Foods are not as delicious as conventional foods

Foods are not as delicious as conventional foods

Your body needs nutrients for it to function properly. You can get these nutrients from conventional and organic foods. Every person has the privilege to choose what he or she wants to eat. If you like organic foods, make sure to buy the ripest ones. If it stays too long on the shelf, it can have lesser nutrients. Also, try to look for a store that sells its organic products for a very reasonable price. When they say that it’s expensive, it’s not really because it’s organic. Sometimes you’re paying for the brand. So be smart when shopping for food. These myths shouldn’t stop you from indulging in organic foods.  

Prepare Your Retirement In 3 Easy Steps!

The retirement is the most thought subject in the world. Many are too excited about what to do with the money that they will get once they retire. There are three important ways on how to prepare for retirement. Follow these three steps here below so that you know exactly what to do with the money once you finally receive it.

1. Study your needs. Always analyze what your era or generation needs or what that would be. Like does it requires learning latest crafts, travelling, time with your favorite hobby, visiting your family and relatives around the world, or you want to invest it in business? However, there are also retirees that they prefer to use their money just to have an easy life. Buy things they want, eat in cozy restaurants, and just relax, enjoy, and make themselves comfortable for the rest of their lives. Whatever you wish for that money, make sure that you won’t regret it someday. Thus, in order for you to prevent things to happen which is out of control, plan and study your future well enough. Make your money productive for you to have endless enjoyment with the money.

2. Long-term prospects. If your retirement is nearly coming, it cannot be denied that you already planned what you will do with the money. When you do the planning, make sure to have pension forecast. This particular forecast helps you identify and even determine how much will you spend and how much you are capable of spending in the future.

 Long-term prospects

Long-term prospects

3. Base your dreams of how much your retirement should be. If you identify that there is a shortfall, then most probably you panic. However, that’s not a right move for you to consider. Instead you should relax and make a plan. Don’t dream too much that would be too hard for you to reach or else you will run out of funds and the last thing you know, you do not have enough money to continue the business.

Save money for your retirement

Save money for your retirement

To sum it up, save money for your retirement. When you buy something today make sure that it can last longer so that you won’t keep on buying things. Looking for a part time job is also a nice idea. There are companies either online or offline that offers such kind of job wherein you are only required to work for few hours. Then once you have saved enough, you can start a small business to help you generate money. For those who risk, there are great and lots of opportunities for them. At first they can encounter failure but they should not lose hope, instead they should strive hard to achieve their goals in life. Later, all their hard works will pay them back.  

5 Ways To Handle a Mean Boss

Hellish bosses are every worker’s nightmare. A difficult boss makes your job harder with his guts right at your back just waiting for you to fail. All too well you tend to cram up with trying to finish the work with flying colors. Bad bosses are such a pain along with their annoying habits that you have to deal with every working hours five days a week. Read on.

    1. Adjust. If your boss is so mean to you in front of your colleagues, talking to him on private might just worsen the situation. It might just accelerate the abuse and might go on and on until you’re choked up on it. Why don’t you try to be distant? Detach yourself from him and stop working hard to gain his appreciation. Do your job efficiently but don’t let his meanness get in to you. Shrug it off your shoulders instead.

    1. Pinpoint where the problem lies. Try to look at your boss’ perspective. Why is he difficult with you in the first place? Is it discontentment from your work or not meeting the deadlines? Figure out what drives him crazy so you would understand better why there are issues between you two. Resolve the issue without setting in your emotions top avoid the rising of temperatures that may lead to a job loss. A job loss which of course, not on his side.

Follow where he leads

Follow where he leads

  1. Follow where he leads. There are the types of boss that are distrustful. They delegate a task to you but would keep on peeking your shoulders to check if you did every little thing that he commanded. Typical of all the bosses out there. This type of boss won’t allow you to share your ideas and contribute it to the assigned project for you to reach your potential. With this type of boss, always follow what he orders you to do until he gains your trust. If he realizes that you can manage on your own, he will leave you alone to contribute any relevant ideas for the company’s sake.

  2. Arrive at work earlier than official time. Bad bosses frown at his workers if they leave at exactly 5 o’clock. So what could you do? You still have your children to fetch at school. This matter is hard to resolve. One thing to try on is to arrive earlier than usual. Say if work starts at 9 a.m. arrive at 8 a.m. and get busy instantly upon arriving. This should get your work done before the time you leave work. Make sure he knows what time you arrived. This will lessen is frowning moment at the very least.

  3. Report him to a much higher title in your company. This is advisable once your boss blames you for the mistakes you didn’t do. If you were called by the higher officials to reason out with the screwed up projects that you both did, firmly stand on your grounds and deny the fact that you did it. A written document or journal as an evidence that you are only following instructions as per se with the boss should rest your case.

Disagreeing with your boss is acceptable

Disagreeing with your boss is acceptable

Disagreeing with your boss is acceptable only if you have a solid relationship with starting from years ago. Talking back is okay if you make it in a respectable way. To end every dispute, you will be the one to find and make the initiative to find the solution to the matter because certainly your boss won’t do it.